Wednesday, January 3, 2007

வருந்தும் நெஞ்சங்களுக்காக.வேண்டுவோம்

இந்த பதிவுக்கு வருகை தரும் நண்பர்கள் இங்கு குறிப்பிட்டுள்ள நண்பர்களுக்காக ஒரே ஒரு நிமிடம் பிரார்த்தித்தாலும் போதும்


Anonymous said...

it is really wonderful and good job too.prayer is the only medicine for those who lost hope in life.i too pray for him

Anonymous said...

Believe in humanity first

கௌசி said...

when human cant do anything we need to hold on a mental/moral suppert which we can derive by prayers.if you dont believe in god its ur wish. but dont try to give negative comment on [especially]this blog for heavens sake.thank you.

premi.k said...

dont loose heart .there always some people making these type of comments proving themselves heartless.
here what that boy needs is a consoling loving prayful heart not a criticism.
you carry on mma